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Lyrics & Vocals by Senerio

passionfruit remix artwork.jpg

(Passionfruit Remix)

Drake And His Hoes 

Drums by Cody Mitchell

Love U Rite

Lyrics & Vocals by Brian Fender & Senerio

Produced by Brian Fender

Love U Rite.jpg

Lyrics & Vocals by Senerio


(Thotiana Remix)



I’m a Brooklyn based music artist and content creator, most known in the medium of rapper & singer-songwriter. My DIY spirit has led me to the term creative entrepreneur. This means I’m a self made artist who wears many hats. I've recently launched a 2 day queer music festival (@giantfest), an open jam for unrecognized music artists to network  (@bonafidecypher), and a media production company for queer artists and individuals (@dirtyredglove). 

I was born in 1992 in Miami Beach, Florida. I’ve done showcases at Performance Space New York, Florida International University, Miami Children’s Hospital Gala, Sunny Isles' Rock the Beach Festival, Orange Republic; Rueda Miami "Art Basel Experience”, "POPS Rock Da Park" Summer Family Festival , and more.


Eden is a “do-over”. A celebration of personal majesty, the mysteries of the mind. EDEN, the 10 track-length collection, delivers an avante garde promise that encourages listeners to imagine beyond their limits. EDEN has very little concern with being understood, and is more about being accepted. Each song within the album represents significant moments that have shaped Senerio’s sense of art and self expression. Singles like “Mars” celebrates the strength of our existence, which is unity, and is heavily influenced by Love and Spirituality. The intention is to enlighten the soul, an attempt in exercising the genius level of talent we all possess. EDEN conveys a welcoming withdrawal from conforming to any standard, with high hopes of awakening the next generation to seek self love. 



JUNE 7 2015

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